The planning of a state-of-the-art research environment requires both innovative design solutions and the knowledge of an experienced design team that is well-versed with current research protocols. At MILES, we have an exceptional team of professionals whose varied backgrounds and global experience merge to provide an expansive design resource for our clients. Our specialized team of lab designers has a combined 40-years of technical experience completing science and technology projects for academia, private research institutions, and municipal, state, and federal governments. Since 2003, three of our laboratory architects have been honored with appointments to various National Institutes of Health Grant Review Committees as well as our managing principal’s long-term appointment to the National Institutes of Health Scientific and Technical Review Board. Together, our team’s combined expertise greatly enhances our commitment to serving the specialized needs of the science and technology market sector and we can address the stringent facility and equipment needs of any specialized laboratory or support building.



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Protects the health and safety of employees;

Incorporates industry requirements and guidelines {i.e., NIH, USDA, FDA, EPA, CDC, AAALAC};

Promotes collaboration, communication, and interaction; the hallmarks of a successful research environment; 

Implements modular principles that enable buildings and labs to easily adapt to different uses;

Has flexibility that extends a lab's life by allowing for changes to programs, equipment, and protocols;

Integrates sustainable design principles to create high-performance, cost-effective lab environments;

Provides an energy-efficient infrastructure that reduces initial, operating, and life-cycle costs;

Has highly-efficient net-to-gross floor plates that allow the client to maximize the return on their investment;

Considers serviceability so that maintenance personnel can effectively operate and maintain building systems over time;

Uses aesthetics to create attractive, pleasant environments that help organizations recruit and hold onto the best researchers; 

Realizes our clients 'Target Vision' through interactive collaboration.