Just five years after its founding, Enable Midstream Partners’ business growth and momentum as a leader in the energy industry had created a need for a larger corporate headquarters, one that reflected the company’s increasing prominence in the community. MILES was engaged to facilitate Enable’s needs and prior to design, conducted a comprehensive, strategic-planning effort to determine the prime location to meet Enable’s current space and future growth requirements. Through this collaborative effort, a cohesive design and new corporate standards were developed; and in 2019, Enable Midstream relocated from numerous floors scattered within One Leadership Square to six contiguous floors within the newly built BOK Park Plaza in Oklahoma City.

With over 500 employees within 30 departments, the redesign of Enable Midstream’s corporate headquarters required a highly organized space with deliberate employee adjacencies to promote collaboration and efficient operations. An extensive analysis of its existing headquarters allowed MILES to develop a detailed matrix of departments, employees, and space counts that served as the framework for the architectural design; increasing the square foot-per-employee efficiency of the real estate without compromising the quality of space.


The interior architecture of the new headquarters capitalizes on the existing building design elements to create Class A office space that enhances Enable’s brand and corporate culture. The reception space, conference center, and executive suite are located on the 15th floor and feature clean, contemporary materials consistent with the corporate image Enable is looking to project. The training rooms and main break room, also on the 15th floor, complete the semi-public space allowing for enhanced collaboration and customer support. Within the office space, located around the building core, glass-faced private offices allow for the work-space areas to be flooded with natural daylight and provide floor-to-ceiling views of downtown Oklahoma City.


In addition to strategic planning, programming, and design, MILES provided project management services leading the overall project effort from inception through occupancy. By managing the overall project process, budget, schedule, and building-management coordination, MILES provided Enable Midstream with a comprehensive planning effort that fully integrated the furniture, security, IT/AV, and artwork into a thoughtful and successful design solution.


155,000 SF


Architectural Services

Interior Design

Construction Administration

Project Management

Workplace Standards

Stacking & Fit Services

Art Integration & Procurement


OIDC Oklahoma Interior Design Awards Honorable Mention Corporate Commercial (2020)



Enable Midstream Partners
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma