The Hybrid Electrophysiology and Interventional Cardiology Suite has allowed OU Medicine to grow its renowned, multi-disciplinary cardiovascular intervention and electrophysiology programs. The 20,800 square-foot surgical suite was a necessity to better serve their patients and train physicians from around the country. It is referred to as “a technological cornerstone to a new cardiovascular care initiative being implemented across OU Medicine's campus” with state-of-the-art technology to give patients quick access to life-saving heart and vascular diagnoses and treatments.


In addition to support spaces, the project included three hybrid operating rooms and three catheterization labs. The hybrid OR’s utilize sophisticated imaging equipment required for minimally-invasive cath procedures, but in a sterile operating room setting. Two of the hybrids are electrophysiology (EP) labs with ceiling-mounted imaging equipment called bi-plane arms. One of these hybrids, the Stereotaxis EP Lab, also utilizes a floor-mounted robotic navigation system which gives the electrophysiologist the ability to precisely steer and control catheters and guide wires remotely. The third hybrid OR has a high-tech system called the Flex-Move, which employs ceiling rails that allow the x-ray imaging system to simultaneously move laterally and longitudinally. The flexibility of the equipment supports complex hybrid procedures without the need to plan the table. The hybrid ORs can be quickly converted into operating room surgery suites. This space provides doctors the flexibility to treat patients with heart arrhythmias and blood vessel problems, as well as implant pacemakers or perform open-heart surgery. All in one room. And the patient doesn't have to move, making care quicker and safer. ​

Special detail was required to coordinate equipment with the architectural, structural, MEP, and vendor requirements. Where possible, the laboratories required ceiling-mounted equipment to maintain a sterile operating room environment, requiring careful planning to accommodate all equipment. The users were heavily engaged during planning and programming to ensure the rooms would meet their procedural needs. 


20,800 SF



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