The OU Children's Physicians Facility was designed as a specialized-care pediatric facility to serve as the hub for the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center,  the OU Medical Center, and the twenty-one additional health-related organizations that make up the Oklahoma Health Center’s campus. Centrally located in the heart of Oklahoma City and an extension of The Children's Hospital at OU Medicine, the facility’s primary design objective was to create a new formal entry and identity for The Children's Hospital. This required a comprehensive site redesign resulting in a $140 million addition and renovation project including four phases: 1& 2) the new parking garage to the west of the atrium; 3) the 14-story physician's facility, and 4) the construction of the $30 million atrium with roof-top garden. 

PHASES 1 & 2 – PARKING GARAGE: Taking advantage of the site's topography, most of the three-level structure is located below grade. This made the view less obtrusive and allowed each level of the garage to be accessible from the street. After site preparation and demolition, the 1,200-space parking garage was built in two phases to allow onsite parking for patients and employees during the construction process.

PHASE 3 – PHYSICIAN’S FACILITY: Designed to provide a single, centralized location for pediatric patients and their families to visit doctors outside of the hospital setting, this phase included the design and construction of 21 outpatient clinics as well as inpatient specialty services housed within the outpatient facility. Clinics completed included orthotics, general surgery, plastic surgery, phlebotomy, pharmacy, cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, nephrology, infectious diseases, dentistry, digestive diseases, urology, hematology-oncology, adolescent medicine, diabetes-endocrinology, and pediatric clinical services. Radiology and laboratory areas are hospital-licensed spaces with specialized imaging and lab equipment. A Kamp’s 1910 Café is located on the third level to offer patients and staff a place to eat or have a cup of coffee.

PHASE 4 – ATRIUM & ROOFTOP GARDEN: The atrium has become a comforting gathering place for some of Oklahoma’s youngest patients seeking care within The Children's Hospital complex. It is the front door to health and healing with an iconic and whimsical design based on the hospital’s kite logo. The undulating roofline is based on the fluid movement of kite ribbons and extends to the interior where glass handrails at the edge of each floor also act as ribbons, highlighting the building’s circular, open design and curvilinear floor pattern; all creating the foundation for an interactive environment among patients, doctors, and administrators. While this a grand space, there are also nooks for a quiet retreat.


The rooftop garden, known as The Children’s Village, is a place where a child's imagination can whisk them away from the realities of the hospital. The village includes a stylized cityscape with shops and stands for pretend play and an open area with a stage ideally-suited for storytelling. The landscaping consists of whimsical, natural vegetation interlaced with dramatic cartoon elements of flowers and clouds along with a large, make-believe water feature at the south end of the garden. A significant amount of attention was given to the landscape selection to ensure the colors and textures accentuate the featured pretend elements.


Over 300,000 square feet and 21 clinics were brought online within a single day.


462,000 SF



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Associated Builders and Contractors of Oklahoma Excellence in Construction Award (2012)


University Hospitals Authority & Trust
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma