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We are thinkers.


We are creative problem-solvers.

Yes. We are architects and designers. But, you will find that our portfolio includes 35 years of master planning projects. From municipalities, to corporate headquarters to higher education campuses, the Miles Team understands the complexities of planning for today and thinking ahead to tomorrow.


We use our proven LISTEN + REACH + BUILD process to design a practical, creative, and sustainable plan that is rooted in creating interior and exterior spaces that foster pride and promote a sense of community.


Successful plans transform the people who learn, work and discover there because master planning is about more than buildings. Master plans add value to the 'spaces' in between and set the rules for circulation, connection and future development.


Miles Associates understands space utilization and excels at molding what exists into what could be. Our three plus decades of planning experience and our team of visionaries give us the unique ability to capture your ideas and transform them into reality. 

"In comparing the University Research Park (formerly Presbyterian Health Foundation) to other research parks I have seen, our park enjoys a more integrated campus, offering research tenants an environment where collegiality and creativity can flourish."

JR Caton

Facility Director, University Research Park